The Food on the Stove app will expand our mission to create a healthier fire service through enhanced nutrition and exercise. This app will allow us to put healthier meals on firehouse tables on a weekly basis.

The app has three components: Farm to Firehouse, From the Farm, and For Your Table.

Farm to Firehouse

This service began in June 2020 and delivered a recipe-ingredient box to every firehouse and shift in DC Fire & EMS. We were able to provide a healthy meal to over 2200 members through this program. Our first recipe was a 640-calorie meal that included Peruvian Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and Cole Slaw. The box was packaged according to the number of members staffed in each firehouse. Packaging the boxes according to staffing, ensured that we would be able to encourage portion control and estimate the caloric intake of each meal per person. The program was a huge success. The launching of the app will allow us to share this program and other resources with multiple departments in the metropolitan DC area and eventually, across the country. This service is completely free to firefighters. Every $10 that Food on the Stove raises for this program will go to the protein, produce and packaging of the meal. *Beta Version February 2022

To use this component of the app, a member of a department creates a profile by filling in their first and last name, mobile number, fire department, and fire station/engine company. A member can then place 1 order for his/her firehouse. Orders can be placed on Sunday (12am) and will conclude Tuesday (2pm). Deliveries are made every Friday.

From the Farm

The goal of this component is to deliver fresh groceries to firehouses in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Most fire departments work a minimum 24-hour shift, with some even working 48 hours straight. Depending on the call volume of a firehouse, this can make it increasingly difficult to prepare meals, and even more difficult to grocery shop. Upon arriving at work, firefighters pay into a meal fund to cover groceries for the day. To make meals affordable for all, on average, firefighters pay $10-15 per person for 3 meals a day. Depending on the budget, this can lead to purchasing the cheapest food available. From the Farm will allow firefighters to select from a variety of healthy, quality options in stock at wholesale pricing and have them delivered directly to their firehouse daily. *Coming Soon

For Your Table

The goal of this program is to help members of the fire service reach their health and wellness goals by providing healthy meal options beyond the firehouse, through a meal planning service. This component will require a personal payment for members.

Firefighters will be able to choose from a 3, 5, or 7 day meal plan.