Food for Thought is a year-long Bible-based focus study centered around food and fellowship to help first responders be proactive with addressing mental health and post-traumatic stress disorders. We want to create a safe-comfortable environment where first responders can commune and discuss their struggles with one another while breaking bread. The group, facilitated by a local pastor, will meet once a month. Participants will be asked to make a 12-month commitment to the group, journal regularly, and participate in reading the selected literature for the class. The group will be made up of 12 individuals across local fire and police departments.

First responders encounter traumatic events daily. All too often, these men and women respond to calls that require them to be up close and personal with human tragedy, but never take time to process what they have seen before responding to the next incident. To be efficient and effective in their profession, it’s imperative that firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and paramedics have an outlet to express what they are seeing and take steps toward reducing the effects of PTSD.

*People of all faiths and religions are welcomed.

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