Local Food for Local Heroes is an initiative through which we supplement the cost of food while firefighters are at work. Our goal is to patronize local farmers and vendors to minimize the amount of processed goods we purchase from the grocery store. Most people are unaware that the #1 killer of firefighters is heart disease. Our organization wants firefighters to be proactive in combating this disease by making better choices when it comes to their diet.

Most firefighters across the country pay for their own meals every “tour” (24-hour shift) which can lead to purchasing the cheapest and quickest food options due to cost and prep time. Local Food for Local Heroes dinners are at no cost to firefighters and are paid for by Food on the Stove through donations. We believe by educating our local heroes about healthier food options and making healthier food more affordable and accessible, we will be able to lower the number of firefighters that die from heart disease and impact the health of their family as well.