– 2020 –

Not Your

Ordinary Athlete



Not Your Ordinary Athlete is a campaign that promotes and highlights firefighters for the physical nature of their job. These men and women not only have heart but are required to go through months of grueling physical training to be a part of this elite organization. Just like boxers, firefighters wear gloves. Just like basketball players, firefighters wear a uniform. Just like football players, firefighters wear helmets. Just like hockey players, firefighters wear protective gear. The only difference between firefighters and these other athletes is that they are playing a game, we aren’t.

We have coordinated a series of fitness events and a firefighter’s basketball league to promote health and wellness among first responders. These events focus on the importance of firefighters seeing themselves as athletes and preparing their bodies for the grueling work that the job entails.

  • 44% of firefighters who die in the line of duty, die from a heart attack
  • The life expectancy for firefighter is 10 – 15 year less that non firefighters in America

About Food on the Stove

Food on the Stove is a firefighter founded 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides firefighters with tools and resources to help them live a healthier lifestyle through enhanced nutrition and exercise.

While Firefighters are committed to the meaningful work of protecting life, property, and the environment in the districts they serve, Food on the Stove is dedicated to giving back to these expert rescuers by addressing the leading cause of death among firefighters–heart disease.